Michael Newton, leading insurance law Barrister

“The solicitors that I always recommend in personal injury matters are McNally Jones Staff. Richard Brennan looks after the firms’ workers compensation claims and David Trainor handles common law and civil liability matters. They ARE the best in their field. That’s why I utilise their expertise for my family and close friends in like circumstances.”

Nathan Brymer, Electrician

“I had a consultation with David Trainor regarding a medical negligence claim. David was learned and professional, but most importantly understanding and easy to talk to. He explained to me my rights and options in great clarity, which was a big stress relief. If you are concerned about your options in relation to personal injury, David is the guy to talk to.”


“The Lawyer, Michael Jaloussis, who looked after my case was absolutely thorough and did not miss any rock that needed turning over. High class in regard to treatment towards myself in a fragile case I struggled my way through. More than fair in regard to costs and my Lawyer’s emotional intelligence and empathy towards me was outstanding. I was listened to with full intent to cover every angle that needed addressing. My case was battle planned for the highest outcome and betterment for all involved. I would recommend McNally Jones Staff Lawyers to anybody.”