About Us

Bill McNally founded W G  McNally & Co Solicitors on 1 August 1977 in Sydney.  On 1 September 2006, W G McNally & Co merged with another long established Sydney law firm, Jones Staff & Co Solicitors. Since the merger our firm has traded as McNally Jones Staff.

A law firm’s reputation rests on one measure and one measure alone – how well it serves its clients’ interests. Following this unshakable rule has made McNally Jones Staff a leader in its field. In case after case, and for all our clients, the name McNally Jones Staff means confidence, built on a tradition of service.

Over the years we have earned an eminent reputation as a dedicated and proactive law firm. Our areas of expertise include employment law, industrial law, compensation law, family law, insurance law, superannuation law, criminal law, motor vehicle law, defamation law, deceased estates and much more.

We have offices located in Sydney and Perth. Michael Jaloussis is the Managing National Principal (partner) of the firm. Our other Principals are David Trainor and Richard Brennan. Our Principal Lawyers are Nathan Keats and Damien Hill. 

The Hon Conrad Staff and The Hon Lance Wright QC are Special Consultants to the firm.